19 of the Most Spectacular Tree Tents that Money Can Buy

Tree tents, hammock tents, suspended tents, call it what you want to call it, we are calling it a camping revolution. Never again do you have to hear your girlfriend say:

I’m not going to sleep on the ground!

If you aren’t convinced you will be after these pictures.

Tree Tents – Hammocktown’s Top Picks

Here are the 19 best tree tents for you to go splurge your money on!

1. Flite+ Tree Tent by Tentsile

tentsile flight

PC: @Ispylight_

The Flite+ is the best ultralight two-person tree tent in the world. It is the perfect size for backpacking and adventuring into the wild for days at a time. The Flite Tree Tent comes features a cross brace for extra headroom, & the Flite+ is more spacious than its predecessor.

With The Flite+ Tree Tent you enjoy a full insect mosquito mesh top with 2 doors and a removable rain fly for breathtaking views. A tree tent can be suspended or can be pegged out to the ground, creating a covered porch area and multi-story camping base.

Flite+ Tree Tent Need to Knows:

  • Due to its minimal size, the Flite+ is suitable for persons below 6’1″/184cm and 220kg/485lbs.
  • 4 Seasons
  • 10 minute set up time
  • Weight: approximately 3.2kg / 7lbs
  • Watch the video on how to set up your Flite+ Tree Tent

2. Blue Ridge Camping Hammock by Lawson Hammock

hammock town hammock tent This hammock, tent and tree tent combo is one of the most practical backpacking tree tents available. With a 3 minute set up and weighing in at less than 5lbs it is quite perfect for your backpacking adventures.

Winning a number of awards this hammock tent has been rated #1 by Backpacker Magazine & Outside Magazine

It’s built for one person to sleep comfortably but we’ve tested it’s limits with 2 people and a pup! (Rated up to 275lbs) Even if you aren’t going backpacking you can take your Lawson Hammock Tent wto the beaches and stay protected from the mosquitos.

tree tent and hammocks

Lawson Tree Tent Need to Knows:

3. TreePod Hanging Tree House

TreePod Hanging Backyard Tree House: Tangerine

This Tree Tent is crafted from from long lasting nylon fabrics and aluminum framing. The TreePod can be attached to any hanging point via durable webbing straps and a steel quick link.

The fabric is weather resistant and treated with a durable water repellent for all-weather fun while a UV-coating offers additional protection from the sun’s rays. This Tree Tent has a zip-up door, mesh windows, which offers ready-to-use hideaway kids will love.

Portable Tree Tent

The TreePod is lightweight, portable and fully removable, it’s the perfect solution for those who do have the time, resources, and/or do not want to go through the hassle of building a permanent treehouse.

This tree tent also known as the portable treehouse can be used on its own or attached to other Connect tents to create suspended mega-camps of 3 or more hammock tents. The Tentsile Connect tree tent sleeps 2 people comfortably each in their own camping hammock and it can sleep 3 by adding a hammock beneath the tree tent!
This gorgeous tree tent features a full insect mesh top ( with 4 doors ), a removable fly sheet for breathtaking views and the rainfly can be pegged outwards to the ground, creating a large 120sqf / 9sqm covered porch area to become a multi-story camping base!
The flysheet flaps can also be folded under the tent and hooked to each other, creating a 2nd wind break and an 8cm thermal buffer of air to the underside of each hammock. All in all, an absolutely fantastic buy.

With a maximum load of 880lbs the Tentsile Stingray Tree Tent is made for 3 people to sleep comfortably in the own hammock chamber (includes enough room for storage)
Maximum Load 400kg/ 880lbs
We’ll be honest, this isn’t for a rookie as it takes some skill and a learning curve to set up the tree tent but once it’s up it’s well worth it.
tree tents
“One of my favorite things to do is to with my sting ray tree tent is to hang it over the deep end of my pool. It’s fun for the kids, relaxing for the adults, and safe to fall out of because you fall in the deep end. It’s a very versatile tent” says Blake Davis, owner of
Oasis Pool Cleaning.
If you need to fit 2-3 people in a hammock for camping or just lounging, you won’t go wrong with the Stingray.

6. Cocoon Hanging Tree Tent

cocoon tree tent
The Cocoon Treehouse Tree Tent is a spherical structure in aluminum covered with a resistant waterproof membrane designed to hang up on trees or placed on the ground with its adaptable feet.
Measuring 3 meters in diameter (~10 feet) this Cocoon Treehouse is a modern day campers’ dream!
cocoon tree house

7. Free Spirit Spheres $199 – $315 per night

free spirit sphere This unique treehouse resort for adults is open year round in an enchanted coastal rainforest on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. This is the gorgeous Free Spirit Sphere Eve the first of 3 built.

You can also reserve a stay at Eve, Eryn and Melody for between $175 to $314 a night. Book directly with Free Spirit Spheres.

8. Waldseilgarten-Hoellschlunct – $300 per night

Waldseilgarten Hoellschlunct Campers at the Waldseilgarten-Hoellschlunct adventure camp in Bavaria sleep in tents that hang from trees. The dangling shelters are known as “The Hotel of 5 Billion Stars”. If you happen to be in Germany for $250 Euros you can stay in one of these incredible tree tents.

sleeping-suspended-in-treesclimbing-into-waldseilgarten-hoellschlunct sleeping-on-the-side-of-a-rock portaledge-sleeping-trees camping-mid-rock-climb waldseilgarten-hoellschlunct

9. Kammok Sunda

tent-hammock-sunda It’s a hammock, no it’s a tent no it’s all 3! Feast your eyes on this hybrid tree tent by the team at Kammok! The Sunda is a camp-changing hammock tent, designed for the modern day adventurer and fit for all occasions, on any terrain, at any time! sunda-by-kammok

10. Raindrop Tree Tent

most-unique-tree-tent These teardrop tree tents make excellent treetop retreats for campers, kids, and anyone soothed by an evening spent softly swaying among the branches. Each meticulously formed tree tent droplet attaches directly to a tree trunk and is roomy enough to sleep a family of four.

These Tree Tents which were originally designed for the (RAG) Road Alert Group in England. This group of activists protest against the excessive constructing of highways through forests. Designed by the creative genius Dré Wapenaar during their protest they live in the trees to battle as long as possible against the rushing violence of the tree cutters! The Tree Tents not only provide a comfortable place for the tree activists to stay during their habitation of the forest they also prevent the trees from being cut down saving millions of trees! Dré Wapenaar’s design for the treehouse tents include a steel frame wrapped in canvas measuring 13 feet tall & 9 feet in diameter.

The interior boasts a cozy hardwood sleeping platform and a round mattress with enough space for 2-3 adults or 5-6 children. The form of these tree tents developed naturally when Dré Wapenaar hung a circular platform with a rope on the side of a tree, the dew drop formation was just practical for hanging on a tree without causing it any damage. Tree Tents are available for rent 5 months out of the year at the Hertshoorn campground in the Netherlands!

raindrop-tree-tent tree-tents-for-sale

11. Nube Tree Tents & Hammock Shelters

tree-tent The Nubé Hammock Camping Shelter is a game changer for Hammockers around the world! The Nube has been featured on:

  • CNBC
  • Outside Magazine
  • Backpacker’s Magazine
  • Men’s Health

Nubé tree tents are made of a strengthened fabric with seam strengths tripled from previous version. The team at Sierra Madre Research reshaped the patterns for increased interior space crafting a larger gear storage area.

The Nubé is deemed a “bullet proof” fortress of protection for your camping hammock, ready for any adventure both lightweight and super comfortable!
nube-tree-tents tree-tent-nube unique-tree-tentsnube-tent-tree nube-tree-tent

12. Luminair Spherical Tree Tents – $12,500

Spherical Tree tent The frame is encompassed by a Marine grade fabric canopy and can be further enhanced with a insulation layer and inner liner if required. Tree Tents are designed to get into tricky spaces… they can be assembled on site with minimal ‘carry-in’ and rigged to adapt to a host of different trees and positions.

Different access solutions can be built around from a simple rope ladder to fixed steps and platforms or rope bridges in amongst the trees.
luminar Spherical Tree tent
Move into the Tree Tent from the rugged exterior and you’ll find a spacious, calm and cosy space to enjoy the sounds and sights of the forest from a fresh angle as well as the amazing craftsmanship and engineering of the structure itself.
Spherical Tree tents

13. TreePee


A tent and hanging teepe a Tree Pee. The Treepee is rad tree tent that integrates a tree house with a trampoline to creating every kids dream. Zipped safely inside, standing Treepee riders, once they get their balance, can experience a surfing/snowboarding feeling in a risk free environment. For those kids who just want to hang out and read the treepee is a perfect private oasis (away from the adults).
The Treepee Tree Tent Features:

  • UV protected fabric allows children to play safely in the sun away from harmful rays with a UV protection factor of 50+
  • 4 tethers, one on each corner, allow the Treepee® to be secured for a less mobile ride.
  • There are pockets on the inside for storage and a bag on a pulley allows essential supplies to be hauled up into the ‘den’.
  • Bug nets on the windows allow air to circulate without letting critters in.

*A maximum hanging height of 0.5m is recommended. The Treepee® measures 1.5m x 1.5m x 2.6m. The Treepee® comes in Green, Khaki and pink


14. Cacoon Hammocks Suspended in The Trees $250-$500

cacoon hammock Hanging Teepes or Cacoons create a perfect oasis anywhere you are. Creating a safe bolthole in the Miami Jungle for the weaver bird, Cacoon World has turned it into your own private world anywhere you are.

The cacoon hammocks come in different colors and sizes, ranging from Bonsai Cacoons for kids to Double Cacoon hammocks for two adults or multiple children.

15. Flying Tent: 3 in 1 Tree Tent

flying tree tent

Flying tree tents is one of the most unique all in one hammocks. You get a 3 for 1 tent-hammock, bivy tent, hammock and rain poncho. Flying tent (FT) is ideal a mid afternoon adventure or across a backcountry camping trip.
Use FT as a hammock tent between two trees or as single person tent on the ground. Smart gear allows you as camper, backpacker or biker to sleep in places, where it is undesirable to pitch a traditional tent, including wet ground, river beds and steep terrain. The built in mosquito net protects the occupants from flying insects.
Should you remove the upper section using the zipper on the side, flying tent can instantly transform into a traditional hammock or rain poncho to protect you against bad weather conditions.
Flying Tent Deets:
  • Smart pop-up construction allows the flying tent to be set up within a few seconds.
  • This lightweight 3-season tree tent comes with fiberglass poles and storm lines for unlikely wind and weather.
  • The rainfly is made of ripstop nylon & both sides are coated with PU and silicon finished for 100% waterproof protection.
  • For the hammock we use nylon-polyester, which is also coated with PU and silicon finished. Both guarantees a hydrostatic head of 5000mm and is strong enough for some wild adventure.
  • Flying tent is characterized by a high degree of functionality, innovation and user-orientation. Due to the light materials and valuable workmanship the flying tent weighs only 4lbs.
  • The technically innovative and patented functional design is based on the simplistic functions of throw tents and allows an easy and quick setup.
The Sky Nest is a tree tent that hangs in the air + provides the comforts of a regular tent. The entire Sky Nest weights in at over 28 lbs., making it ideal for car camping. The sturdy design features a stainless steel bottom frame, metal hooks and carabiners, straps, and more. The contraption can sleep two people comfortably, with a spacious 7.2 ft. x 4.25 ft. base and a height of 3.6 ft. Sky Nest amenities include under-storage for shoes, mesh windows for breathability + breath taking views and a retractable inner lining that creates a waterproof shelter when needed. The sky nest tree tent dwelling will set you back about $2,056.87 USD.

17. Vista Tentsile Tree Tent – $550

vista tree tent The Vista Tentsile Tree Tent is a more leisurely version of the Stingray, the roof can’t be fully sealed and isn’t suitable for extreme conditions but it’s perfect for a weekend picnic or sunny adventure.

18. Crua Hybrid Tree Tent – $400

tree tent

The Crua Hybrid tree tent offers hammock campers with all the hammock tent functions one could ever with for.
hybrid tree tent This tree tent also has the ability to be set up as a portable single-person bivy tent & hammock when camping in environments that are undesirable for pitching a ground tent.
crua hybrid tree tents
The Crua Hybrid tree tent sports design features that will make your hammock adventures unforgettable. Including an incorporated sleeping bag that is detachable from the tree tent if required & an air mattress for the most comfortable hammock experience.
tree tent crua hybrid
The best part is the modular design also has the capabilities of connecting to another Crua Hybrid Tree Tent because tree tents are better together.
tree tents
The Crazy Crib LEX hammock tent features a fully enclosed, zippered mosquito netting-enhanced canopy with Easton 7075-T9 aluminum poles. This tree tent/hammock shelter features an internal sleeve that accepts a sleeping pad for ultimate comfort.

In Tree Tent Conclusion

What a wonderful world of hammocks, hammock tents, tree tents, flying tents and adventure we live in. Do you have a favorite tree tent that we didn’t feature? If so mention it in the comments and we’ll be sure to add it to the next post!

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