3 Best Inflatable Loungers of 2022 [reviews]

If you’ve never owned one you’ve definitely seen and envied them: these big inflatable lumps are frequently used as seats at music festivals, lounge chairs on the beach, and as lightweight seating by campers.

Inflatable loungers allow you to be comfortable- wherever you are and whatever you’re doing.

No time for reading? Here are our picks for the best inflatable loungers.

Whether you want to learn more about inflatable loungers in general or want to learn about the best inflatable lounger options on the market, this complete guide has the answers for you.

Top 3 Inflatable Loungers on the Market – Reviews

1. AlphaBeing Inflatable Lounger

Some inflatable loungers on the market are cheaply made, this isn’t one of them. It can support up to 400 pounds of weight and due to its 2-chamber design, can stay inflated for up to 8 hours.

Its Ripstop polyester fabric is not only durable, it’s breathable so you won’t overheat while enjoying your lounger near the pool or at the beach.

This hassle-free lounger is lightweight, weighing only 2.6 pounds, and totally portable. There have been some complaints about it being slightly time-consuming to fill up but it really shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes to inflate and should take much less time if it’s a windy day.

Worried about your lounger being blown away by the wind?

Don’t be.

It comes with convenient stakes which are great for holding it in place on more blustery days. For transportation purposes, it also comes with a neat little carrying bag you can fold up and fit it into.

Sit back relax and enjoy a brewski, this inflatable lounger features a neck rest, side pocket, and bottle opener. You can even relax about liking your purchase, because if you don’t, due to its 100% risk-free warranty, the company will replace or refund your lounger, no questions asked.


  • Weighs 2.6 pounds
  • Stays inflated for up to 8 hours
  • Holds up to 400 pounds
  • Made with Ripstop polyester


  • 100% Risk-Free Warranty
  • Stays inflated for up to 8 hours
  • Ergonomic design


  • Can be difficult to inflate

2. Wekapo Inflatable Lounger

When it comes to comfort, Wekapo knows what they are doing. This ergonomically designed inflatable lounger has a patented pillow-shaped headrest that provides your neck with additional support, setting you up for optimal comfort.

Lay back and relax, and feel free to store drinks, books, electronics, or whatever else in this inflatable lounger’s convenient double side pockets. Be careful though, the mesh pockets are kind of weak and do have a tendency to rip.

It comes with everything you need to properly set up this lounger, including an instructions manual, a carrying bag, and stakes that you can use to keep your lounger safe and secure.

This hefty lounger is 7 feet long, so it’s great for tall people and can carry up to 650 pounds, which is incredibly impressive. Due to its highly-functional design, it will stay inflated for 5-6 hours, so you don’t have to interrupt your relaxing to refill it.

With a water-resistant finish on its durable Ripstop polyester, this inflatable lounger was built to last and be taken on adventures, to the mountains, woods, beach, or wherever else you need to go.


  • Weighs 2.65 pounds
  • Stays inflated for 5-6 hours
  • Weight capacity of 650 pounds
  • Made with Ripstop polyester


  • Innovative, comfortable design
  • Tough outer layer
  • High weight capacity


  • Mesh pockets aren’t great

3. Icefox Inflatable Lounger

One of the best things about this inflatable lounger is that it’s not only designed to function on land, but also water. Because of that, this is the perfect lounger to take to the pool or beach.

Not only does it have a hassle-free inflation process, but it’s also super comfortable. It’s long so it can fit a couple of people, but remember that it’s weight capacity is only 440 pounds. Also, keep in mind that although inflating it takes seconds, you’ll probably need to inflate it more than the other options on this list, because it loses air more quickly.

This wonderful lounger comes with side pockets, for storing your things, wind stakes, for keeping it secure, and a convenient carrying bag, which makes it easy to take on the go. Only weighing 1.8 pounds, this is the most lightweight lounger option.

You can choose from an assortment of vibrant colors when picking it out. It is a little more expensive than the other 2 inflatable loungers reviewed but is well worth the price.


  • Weighs 1.8 pounds
  • Weight capacity of 440 pounds
  • Made from nylon


  • Lightweight
  • Great for land and water
  • Vibrant colors


  • Expensive for a lounger
  • Easily deflates

Buyers Guide

Inflatable Lounger Features to Consider

Before purchasing an inflatable lounger it’s important to consider some key features, so you make an informed decision, buying the perfect lounger for you.


Inflatable loungers are often used on the go, in various tough environments, so they need to be made of a durable material. The best material for inflatable loungers to be made of is Ripstop nylon or polyester since that helps them resist wear and tear.

Weight Capacity

Typically, inflatable loungers have a weight capacity that ranges anywhere between 400 to 650 pounds. Take into account how many people you think will be using the lounger, they are normally designed to hold 1-3 people, and how much they weigh to evaluate what weight capacity works for you. Going over the recommended weight capacity can result in a broken lounger and injuries for the people who were on it.


Most inflatable loungers range between 6 to 7 feet long. The length of your lounger matters if you’re particularly tall or want to fit multiple people on it.

Because inflatable loungers are designed to be portable they typically take up less than 2 feet of space and weigh less than 3 pounds so you can take them on the go. If portability is important to you, look for light-weight, compact inflatable loungers.

Inflation Time

How long your inflatable lounger actually stays inflated is a huge sign of quality. While inflation is an easy-breezy process, having to run around and inflate your chair every half hour can be annoying. To prevent this, make sure that your inflatable lounger’s inflation time is somewhere between 5 to 10 hours.

Water Resistance

If you want to use your inflatable lounger to float on water, to go camping, to relax on the beach, or in any other situation where it will definitely get wet, make sure that it has a water-resistant coating.

Extra Features

Consider extra luxurious and convenient features like side pockets, neck pillows, carrying bags, and ground stakes which can elevate your relaxation experience on your inflatable lounger.

How Do I Maintain My Inflatable Lounger?

Love your new inflatable lounger so much that you never want to live without it?

You won’t have to as long as you follow these inflatable lounger maintenance tips:

  • Do not surpass its listed weight limit since that can damage or pop it.
  • Treat it like the big balloon it is by keeping sharp objects away from it.
  • Store it when it’s not in use to keep it clean and undamaged.
  • Regularly clean your inflatable lounger so it stays looking nice. Wash it with water, let it completely dry out, and then store it.

How Do I Blow Up My Inflatable Lounger?

Blowing up inflatable loungers is super simple, all you need is two arms and some wind.

To view all of the best methods for blowing up inflatable loungers, check out the video below!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Do I Need to Inflate My Lounger?

You don’t need anything to inflate your lounger, just yourself and some wind! You can use a fan if you don’t feel like running or spinning around, or you can outsource the work of collecting wind to an eager child or friend. Once the wind is trapped in the lounger close it, seal it, and relax.

How Long Do Inflatable Loungers Stay Inflated For?

High-quality inflatable loungers can stay inflated for 5 – 10 hours, while low-quality ones will only stay inflated for 2- 3 hours. It really depends on what lounger you buy.

Should I Clean My Inflatable Lounger?

Yes, you should definitely clean your inflatable lounger if you want to keep it looking nice for a long time. To clean it, brush off loose dirt, leaves, sand, or whatever else has become attached to it.

If it’s stained with dirt, use water and mild detergent to clean it. Make sure it dried completely before storing it.


Using one of the insanely relaxing inflatable loungers on this list, you’ll have no trouble getting cozy while camping, feeling pampered by the pool, or having fun at a festival.

Hopefully, you found this guide helpful! If you did, be sure to share it and comment below with any questions you have about inflatable loungers.

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