The 8 Best Sleeping Pads for Your Amok Draumr

Feast your eyes on the best sleeping pads for Amok Draumr Hammocks. These lightweight backpacking sleeping pads aren’t exclusive to your Amok Hammock as they can be utilized for tents and hammock tents but choosing from these sleeping pads will guarantee countless nights of successful sleep in the backcountry.

No time for reading? Here are our picks for the best sleeping pads.

R-VALUE (How cold of temperatures can your sleeping pad withstand?)

Manufactures of sleeping pads meant for hammock and tent camping provide an R-value. This describes the pad’s insulation capability & the higher R-value means better insulation.

For winter use it’s preferable to have an R-value of 5+. For the rest of the seasons (spring, summer, and fall 3+ works well.

If you are hammock camping in tropical conditions you’ll be able to use a sleeping pad without an r value. Most good brands include a repair kit when you purchase a pad.

From experience, pump sacks are the most effective way to inflate a hammock sleeping pad. Though integrated pumps or blowing into the pad will work just fine.

Sleeping pads that are filled with down or fiber must be pumped up with pump sack or integrated pump, otherwise the moisture from your breath will harm the mattress over time.

1. Exped SynMat 7 LW – $179.95

Exped Sleeping Pad For Amok

  • R-Value of 3.30
  • Synthetic micro-fiber filling that is laminated to both upper and lower sides of the mat which eliminates loss of loft
  • Fast and easy to use integrated pump system
  • Laminated polyester fabric
  • Measures 77.5 inches long by 26 inches wide
  • 2.6lbs

Exped Synmat 7

2. Exped SynMat Duo Sleeping Pad, LW – $268.95

Exped SynMat Duo Sleeping Pad

  • Exped SynMat Duo Sleeping Pad
  • LW
  • Terracotta
  • Mat & mattress-Model: [top] 50D polyester, TPU polyether laminate [bottom] 75D polyester, TPU polyether laminate [insulation] Texpedloft (160g)

3. Big Agnes Insulated Q-Core Sleeping Pad LW -$167.72

Big Agnes Insulated Q-Core Sleeping Pad

Big Agnes makes some of the most comfortable pads on Earth. They are light and compact for backpacking and trekking.

  • Crafted with three season pads at 4″/10 cm thick for extra comfort
  • X-Static synthetic insulation with the natural performance of silver filament to enhance thermodynamic, anti-microbial and anti-odor properties
  • Alternating I-Beam construction creates a smoother, more comfortable feel
  • Durable, light-weight nylon rip-stop top and bottom

4. Big Agnes – Q Core SLX – $159.95

Big Agnes Q Core SLX Ultralight Sleeping Pad

The Big Agnes Q-Core SLX Sleeping pad features a quilted top to provide a cushioned pillowy sleeping surface, you will forget you are not in your bed at home. This portable sleeping pad is crafted with aviation grade TPU lamination for long lasting adventures.

  • Weight 38oz.
  • Warm HL Rated to 32
  • Wide Long (40×72)
  • DURABLE: The Q-Core SLX pad is made from a double rip-stop that has a 25% higher durability over standard rip-stop.

5. Big Agnes – Insulated Air Core Ultra – $129.95

Big Agnes Insulated Air Core Ultra Sleeping Pad

Don’t you dare let a little cold weather keep you away from hammock camping. This lightweight packable three-season sleeping pad is perfect for backcountry hiking. . It also features WRM HL which is a durable, high loft synthetic insulation, providing exceptional warmth with minimum bulk.

  • SPECS: Weight: 55oz. Dimensions: 50”x78”.
  • Built In Advanced Heat Reflective Technology
  • EASY TO INFLATE: High-volume valve allows for efficient and easy inflation and fast deflation. It also features a one way inflation valve with a micro air pressure adjust button.
  • EASY MAINTENANCE: This Big Agnes sleeping pad is treated with antimicrobial treatment inside of the pad to prevent microorganism growth. It also includes a repair kit to keep your pad going for the next adventure.
  • THE MOTHER OF COMFORT: The outdoors aren’t just where we get away, it’s where our stories are made. Based in the Colorado Rockies, Big Agnes creates innovative solutions that help you get outside, go further into the backcountry, all while being fun and comfortable.

6. Big Agnes – Air Core Ultra: Wide Long 20″x78″: $104.95

Big Agnes Insulated Air Core Ultra Sleeping Pad

  • Durable nylon fabric
  • EFFICIENT INFLATION/DEFLATION: the high volume valve makes inflation and deflation a quick and easy process
  • REPAIR KIT INCLUDED: great to have on camping trips in case of emergencies
  • PORTABLE: lightweight and compact construction make this sleeping surface easy to carry along on a camping trip
  • SAFE: inside of pad is treated with an antimicrobial solution to prevent the growth of microorganisms
  • LARGE OUTER CHAMBERS: keep user cradled comfortably in the center of the pad.

7. Vaude Norrsken Large Sleeping Pad – $105.67

Vayde Norrsken Sleeping Pad

  • Slightly concave surface of the pad provides better heat retention and a more comfortable sleeping surface
  • Super lightweight insulation pad with an exceptionally small pack size – the 2 thicker outer air chambers prevent one from rolling off the pad
  • 6 air chambers in the mid zone ensure true sleeping comfort – air chambers aligned lengthwise ensure an ideal relation between weight and insulation
  • Lightweight 30D upper material with a soft, fabric touch – comes with a pack sack for transport and storage
  • With a user-friendly valve that has a 2 point safety closure.

8. Therm-a-Rest BaseCamp Sleeping Pad – $79.95

Therm-a-Rest Basecamp Self-Inflating Foam Camping Pad

  • 75d Polyester
  • All-Season Comfort: Warm and cozy with a high-loft expanded foam core to lighten the load and make it more compressible.
  • Lasting Performance: Years of dependability from the finest materials and components creates an exceptional value.
  • Easy to Use: Self-inflating means no pumps or electricity needed.
  • Weight: (Reg) 2lbs 9oz / (Large) 3lbs 8oz / (XL) 4lbs
  • Dimensions: (Reg) 20″x72″x2″ / (Large) 25″x77″x2″ / (XL) 30″x77″x2″

Do you have a favorite sleeping pad for your Amok Draumr? If so share your setup with us!

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