3 Best Aerial Yoga Hammock Kits of 2022 [reviews]

Between strengthening your core, supporting your posture, decompressing your spine, improving your flexibility, and relaxing your mind, aerial yoga does a lot for your body. This trendy new form of yoga is taking off, and it’s no wonder why.

Want to give it a try?

‘At a Glance – Our Top Yoga Silk Picks’

Then check out this guide’s aerial yoga pro tips and reviews on the best, most affordable, and premium aerial yoga hammock kits you can buy online.

Top Aerial Yoga Hammock Kits on the Market – Reviews

1. F. Life Aerial Silks Kit

Whether you’re a beginner or advanced aerial silks user, you’ll love this F. Life Aerial Silks Kit.

Beginner aerial silks user?

Then these silks’ non-stick texture will help you learn the ropes, enabling you to get a better grip so you can pull off poses and tricks with more ease.

Advanced aerial silks user?

Then you will love how the lower stretch and thinner width of these aerial silks help you complete hard tricks and poses.

This aerial silks kit is a big deal and just plain big, with almost 30 feet of silks to work with. It also has a huge weight capacity of 2200 pounds.

Although this is one of the more expensive options on this list, it does come with a lot, including 2 screw-lock carabiners, a rescue 8 descender, mountaineering swivel, nylon daisy chains, and a carrying bag. It doesn’t come with mounting materials, so you’ll have to get those on your own.

This kit works wonderfully in spaces that range from tall trees to garages to even inside homes.


  • Holds up to 2200 pounds
  • Almost 30 feet long
  • 100% nylon


  • Non-slip textured grip
  • High weight capacity
  • Almost 30 feet long


  • Expensive

2. UpCircleSeven Aerial Yoga Swing Set

The price is right, the colors are vibrant, what’s not to like about the UpCircleSeven Aerial Yoga Swing Set?

With a professional design that would fit studio use or home use, this aerial yoga hammock kit is not only affordable it’s also quality.

This aerial silks kit is easy to use, with 3 foam handles that are larger than any other kit’s handles on the market.

Its triple stitch seat was built for strength and can hold up to 550 pounds with no problems. Enhancing that strength is the super-strong 100% nylon fabric that the hammock is crafted from.

Included with the kit are daisy chain connectors, a digital guide, and extension straps. No carabiners or other ceiling mount accessories are included with this hammock so you have to buy all of those separately.

You can purchase this hammock in 1 of 6 different vibrant colors. This hammock is particularly good for beginners and kids but it should be noted that it’s not great for sleeping or meditation.


  • Holds up to 550 pounds
  • Over 8 feet long
  • 100% nylon


  • Six vibrant color options
  • Large, extra-padded handles
  • Great for kids and beginners


  • Not great for sleeping/ meditation
  • No hanging accessories included

3. EverKing Aerial Yoga Swing

Pairing an affordable price with a strong design, the EverKing Aerial Yoga Swing is a high-quality hammock that’s built to last.

What it isn’t, is particularly strong. It only has a 400-pound weight capacity which is more than enough for aerial yoga, however, do not, I repeat, do not try to fit more than one person on this thing at a time.

The silky smooth but strong parachute fabric has 3 sets of padded foam handles to enhance your comfort while you do yoga.

It comes with 2 extension straps, 4 carabiners, and 1 storage bag for taking it all on the go.

It does not come with mounting accessories so you do have to purchase those all separately.

This is an excellent option for beginner aerial yogis or advanced aerial yogis who want a cheap kit to set up in their home.


  • Holds up to 400 pounds
  • Over 8 feet long
  • Parachute fabric


  • Inexpensive
  • Padded handles
  • Carabiners, straps, and bag included


  • Low weight capacity

Buyers Guide

Before deciding which aerial yoga hammock kit is right for you, consider these factors and questions to inform your decision.

What to Consider When Buying an Aerial Yoga Hammock

Weight Capacity

How much do you weigh? What do you plan to use the aerial yoga hammock for? Will you be doing advanced poses and tricks? These are all questions to consider when deciding what weight capacity you want you aerial yoga hammock kit to have.

Typically, weight capacities can range anywhere from 400 pounds to 2500 pounds, which I know, seems like a lot, but a weight capacity that high is less about putting 2500 pounds of weight on your kit and more of a testament to how safe you’ll be doing various risky tricks and poses on it. The more strength it has, the safer you are.


The prices of aerial yoga hammock kits can greatly range, from as low as $30 to as high as $350.

How high the price of your kit is will depend on factors like what comes with it. A kit that includes mounting materials, or things like carabiners, daisy chains, and carrying bags, will cost more than one that doesn’t.

Another factor is the quality of your kit. If it’s high quality and will last a long time, it’s going to cost more than a cheaply-made dinky hammock.

Aerial yoga hammock kits are one of those things where the price really does reflect the quality of the product, however, you should be able to find some great options in the $50 – $150 range.


Aerial yoga hammock kits can be made from numerous materials, but not all of them were created equal. One of the most popular materials is nylon which is known for being quite strong and durable, however, it’s not very stretchy.

Silk is another popular material for aerial yoga hammocks to be made of because it’s stretchy and very comfortable making it optimal for snoozing or meditation. However, it is less durable than nylon.

How to Use an Aerial Yoga Hammock

You can set up your aerial yoga hammock kit on a trapeze stand, in a door frame, from an exposed support beam, or on ceiling hooks. Simply follow the set-up instructions that come with your specific aerial yoga hammock kit, and get swinging!

For some tips on hanging your aerial hammock, check out the video below:

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have some questions about aerial yoga hammock kits? Then check out the section below with all of the most common queries.

What is Aerial Yoga?

Ever thought, “Wow, I’m really enjoying this yoga but I wish I could do it suspended in the air on some fabric?”

Then aerial yoga will be right up your alley.

Aerial yoga is quite literally yoga and Pilates poses done in the air using an aerial yoga hammock kit. Sometimes you use the ground to move into different poses, sometimes you’re just completely working in the air.

People love aerial yoga because they say that they feel like it improves their focus and flexibility much more than “traditional” yoga, resulting in them feel more relaxed.

Is Aerial Yoga Safe?

Yes, Aerial Yoga is safe as long as you’re using a quality aerial yoga hammock kit, like those reviewed in this guide, have properly mounted your kit following its included instructions, and are taking the proper safety precautions.

It’s a good idea to set up a mat or another soft surface below your aerial yoga hammock in case the worst happens and you fall. If you do fall, it shouldn’t be from a great height because aerial yoga hammocks should be no more than 3 feet from the ground.

Why Use an Aerial Yoga Hammock?

A question you may still have is, “Why?” Why not just leave yoga on the ground? What are the actual benefits of aerial yoga hammocks?

For starters, aerial yoga decompresses your spine, which is abused all day and squished from factors like stress, poor posture, and lack of exercise, causing back pain. By hanging upside down you can expand your vertebrate allowing you to stretch and re-align your back.

Aerial yoga eases, pain, tension, and stress throughout your body without putting any pressure on it. Because of the lack of bodily pressure, and the need for mental focus, many people have commented that they feel far more relaxed doing aerial yoga than yoga on the ground.

Yoga and Pilates positions that felt difficult when done on a mat are effortless when done in an aerial yoga hammock. However, you’ll need even more strength in your core to do aerial yoga, which will hone abdominal muscles.


Ready to feel more relaxed, flexible, and strong?

Then pick out one of the 3 incredible aerial yoga hammock kits on this list, and start practicing.

I hope you enjoyed this guide to aerial yoga hammock kits! If you did, be sure to share it and comment below with any remaining questions.

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