12 Best Backcountry Camping Stoves of 2022 [reviews]

Camping stoves, also know as portable stoves ,are stoves crafted to be lightweight for backpacking, camping, hammocking or if you’ve been banished to the backyard and are in need of a hot meal, they can also come in handy. ⛺️

In this post we’ll cover the history of camping stoves, run through the different types of camping stoves, and give you our expert picks for the best camping stoves on the market today.

No time for reading? Here are our picks for the best camping stoves.

The History of Portable Stoves

Though many people think think camping stoves are a modern invention. The Japanese have been using portable stoves since the Edo period (1603-1868). Historical evidence shows the Japanese used a “Shichirin“, which is a lightweight charcoal grill and literally means “seven wheels.

A “Shichirin” can be used for about 3-5 hours, with only a small amount of charcoal and may even have been used in ancient times with a more primitive form.

shichirin camping stove

Below is a picture of modern Shichirins today now known as Hibachi Grills.

Shichirin charcoal stove from Japan

But it wasn’t until the 19th century that the portable stove took off worldwide with Alexis Soyer’s “Magic Stove”.

Magic Stove

Alexis shared this stove with the world where it even made it atop of a Egyptian Pyramid for a gourmet meal outdoors.

Dinner on top of the pyramid with a camping stove

?: CabinetMagazine.org

Featured in magazines and known as a revolutionary and innovative chef in his time Alexis patented this camp stove design which took off around the world for rich bureaucrats wanting the pleasure of dining indoors brought outdoors on expeditions.

Now in modern times the digital revolution continues to bring innovation to portable camping stoves. Based on the fuel time and design of the camping stove there are a few categories stoves can fall into.

magic stove

Modern Portable Camping Stoves

  • Unpressurized liquid-fuel stoves

The unpressurized single burner camping stove design is the simplest of camping stoves. The burner contains the fuel and and once lit the fire burns until it is either extinguished or the fuel is exhausted.

Bring portable and lightweight, these camping stoves are the common favorite by ultralight backpackers.

Trangia Camping Stove Components

Single burner alcohol stoves for camping, similar to the modern Trangia brand, have been in use since the early 1900s.

Trangia Camping Stove

  • Pressurized liquid fuel stoves

Frans Wilhelm Lindqvist, gets credit for introducing the first pressurized burner portable stove in 1892 and more compact camping stoves were developed in the early 20th century that used petrol similar to “white gas” (no additives)

Once lit, the heat from the burner holds the pressure within the tank until the flame is put out. One of the original camping stoves is the Svea 123, introduced in 1955, it was among the most popular of these “self pressurizing” stove designs, and is generally considered to be the first compact camping stove!

  • Solid-fuel stoves

Solid-fuel stove may consist of no more than a metal base plate and container to hold the fuel, a set of legs to keep this assembly out of contact with the ground, and some supports for a billycan or other cooking vessel. This design is scalable, and may be used for anything from tiny backpacking stoves to large portable woodstoves. Fuel may be manufactured, e.g., hexamine, or natural, e.g., woody forest debris.

To qualify these camping stoves needed to be under 3lbs, economical (under $200), safe for travel and badass.

Without further ado here are the top 13 backcountry camping stoves.

1. MSR WhisperLite Universal Stove – $139.78

msr camping stove

The Cadillac of Camping Stoves.

MSR’s liquid fuel stoves are the industry standard for performance and reliability. Mountain Safety Research crafts time-tested camping stoves that backpackers, mountain guides and outdoor chefs swear by.

Is it their all-season performance, stability, multi-fuel capabilities or quality craftsmanship that makes them so hard to resist? Probably a combination of all that at only 1.65lbs.

  • Superior Cold Weather Performance
  • Great for extended backcountry trips
  • More economical fuel cost over time

MSR WhisperLite Universal Stove
Hybrid-fuel stove is MSR’s first to combine canister and liquid fuel capabilities into one comprehensive package.

MSR WhisperLite Universal Stove
Built on upgraded WhisperLite chassis featuring improved stability, lighter weight and simplified maintenance; burns almost any fuel.

MSR WhisperLite Universal Stove

Patent-pending AirControl technology delivers optimized performance across all fuel types, in a lightweight package that won’t slow you down. 11.5-ounce minimum weight and one-pound, 3.4-ounce packed weight.

Fuel Options for Days:

  • 110-minute burn time with 20-ounce canister of white gas,
  • 75-minute burn time with eight-ounce canister of MSR IsoPro fuel
  • 155-minute burn time with 20-ounce canister of kerosene

MSR WhisperLite Universal Stove

The WhisperLite includes limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty; and is crafted in Seattle, WA, America! ??

MSR WhisperLite Universal Stove

For a more economical alternative you can save $30 bucks with the MSR WhisperLite International Stove

2. Optimus Polaris Optifuel Camping Stove – $167.17

Optimus Polaris Camping StoveThe Optimus Polaris Optifuel Stove is an ISPO award winner in the Camping Stove category for a number of reasons.

camping stove

The Polaris Optifuel Camping Stove utilizes Single Jet Technology, meaning both LPG gas canisters and liquid gas (kerosene, diesel, jet fuel and white fuel) are compatible without having to change anything on the camping stove!camping stove

The Polaris comes prepared with the MAGIC cleaning needle, allowing you to quickly clean the stove–even in the middle of cooking.

With 4-season mode you can boil water, even in freezing temperatures. Quick-priming burner cuts down on pre-heating time allowing you to boil water in under four minutes. When you’re finished cooking with the portable stove, the self-purging FLIPSTOP pump safely clears the burner of fuel and depressurizes the fuel bottle, permitting you to safely dismantle it before loading it back in the stuff bag.

3. Etekcity Ultralight Portable Outdoor Backpacking Camping Stoves with Piezo Ignition – $20.00

Etekcity Ultralight Portable Outdoor Backpacking Camping Stoves

At only 0.3 lbs this $20 camping stove is a bargain!

Made with aluminum alloy and stainless steel which can stand high temperature and weight the design is perfect for ultralight camping and backpacking.

Etekcity Ultralight Portable Outdoor Backpacking Camping Stoves

Compatible with any 7/16 thread single butane/butane-propane mixed fuel canisters (EN 417)

Etekcity Ultralight Portable Outdoor Backpacking Camping Stoves

The EtekCity Camping Stove adheres to “Leave No Trace” principles set forth by the US Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, and National Park Service. Burns clean, with no debris or soot left behind.

Etekcity Ultralight Portable Outdoor Backpacking Camping Stoves

This camping stove is super easy to Ignite with the Piezo Ignition system allowing for the Etekcity Ultralight Camp Stove to have a quick ignition and with a strong valve connection the flame stays consistent and strong even when adjusting from high to low settings.

Etekcity Ultralight Portable Outdoor Backpacking Camping Stoves

The Ultralight Camp Stove is strong, but extremely lightweight, resulting in a very fuel efficient flame that can make a disposable butane canister last for days. The stovetop also accommodates for up to an 7 inch (18 centimeter) diameter pan.

Etekcity Ultralight Portable Outdoor Backpacking Camping Stoves

The included carrying case further adds to the portability as it can simply be tossed in a bag without worry.

Etekcity Ultralight Portable Outdoor Backpacking Camping Stoves

4. Ohuhu Portable Stainless Steel Wood Burning Camping Stove – $19.99

Ohuhu Portable Stainless Steel Wood Burning Camping Stove

Crafted with high quality stainless steel which can stand high temperature and weight the Ohuhu Wood Burning Camping Stove is a steal at under $20 bucks.

Ohuhu Portable Stainless Steel Wood Burning Camping Stove

A common issue with camping stoves is pot stability, you don’t want your stove to flip and start a forest fire but the Ohuhu 3 arms pot support system creates a stable cooking platform and distributes heat evenly.

Ohuhu Portable Stainless Steel Wood Burning Camping Stove

The best part is… no fuel canisters, no chemical emissions no added weight. It’s great for your backpack and the environment. Free Fuel is the best fuel, use twigs, leaves, pinecones and wood as fuel to power your Ohuhu stove!

Ohuhu Portable Stainless Steel Wood Burning Camping Stove

The Ohuhu is compact and lightweight and comes with a carrying case.Ohuhu Portable Stainless Steel Wood Burning Camping Stove

Ohuhu Camping Stove Specs: 5.3″ x 5.3″ x 3″, 400g / 14.2 oz]

5. Esbit CS585HA 3-Piece Lightweight Camping Cook Set -$24.18

Esbit CS585HA 3-Piece Lightweight Camping Cook Set

  • Stove and cookset is constructed from lightweight, hard anodized aluminum that weighs only seven ounces
  • Stove uses Esbit’s unique, proprietary, solid state fuel cubes (sold separately)
  • Kit includes 585-milliliter pot, lid, and wind deflector/pot stand, and stores in included mesh bag
  • Pot includes volume indicators in both liters and ounces, and has two hinged stainless steel grips that fold flat against body of the pot
  • Ideal for backpackers and campers who like to travel extremely light

Esbit CS585HA 3-Piece Lightweight Camping Cook Set

This lightweight, self-contained complete cooking system is constructed from hard-anodized aluminum and works with solid fuel. This portable camping stove is ideal for heating water or food on the trail, such as a quick cup of coffee, tea, or soup.

It includes a windshield type stove and a pot with lid. The stove fits in the pot, which has folding handles and a small pour spout, making it space and weight efficient for hiking and backpacking.

The durable 585 ML pot has graduations in both ounces and milliliters that you read from the inside when pouring in the liquid.

The pot’s folding handles have silicone grips for protection from heat and it all fits in the included mesh stuff sack.

Features:- constructed from extremely light, hard-anodized aluminum.- pot with volume indicators in milliliter/oz.

With 2 hinged, stainless steel, silicone-coated grips.- wind deflector to be used with Esbit solid fuel tablets (fuel not included).

Esbit Camping Stove Specs:

  • Dimensions-packed: 3.4″ x 4.4″ (8.6 cm x 11.2 cm)
  • The best part is the weight: Only 7 oz. (198 g)

6. Professional New Mini Set Stove for Camping/hiking Cs-b02 – $11.99

Camping Hiking Stove

For less than $15 dollars this portable camping stove has a clean design and weighs under 5oz. The holes on the stand increase the air ventilation so to put out your fire it’s as easy as putting the extinguish lid on the burner.

camping hiking stoves

  • What you get: 1PC stove bracket,1 spirit stove.
  • Bottom Diameter : 90mm, Height: 60mm
  • Net Weight: 130g/4.59oz
  • Fire lasts around ~45 minutes for every 100ml of alcohol.
  • Material: hard anodized aluminum.
  • Packed weight: 300g/10.58oz

7. OUTAD Alcohol Stove Outdoor Mini Portable Burner – $13.99

OUTAD Alcohol Stove Outdoor Mini Portable Burner for Backpacking, Hiking, Camping

If you are looking for a reliable portable stove this is a wonderful option for backpacking, hiking, camping and even emergencies.

OUTAD Alcohol Stove Outdoor Mini Portable Burner for Backpacking, Hiking, Camping

For an extra few bucks it’s a slight upgrade over the Alocs alcohol stove above and this includes a foldable handle/simmer ring on the flame regulator to control and extinguish flame.

Portable Alcohol Stove
Another great feature is that this camping stove is essentially leak proof featuring an o-ring cap with rubber seal which prevents alcohol leak and evaporation.

Portable Alcohol Stove
The four vents on the base enhance air flow making fire lasts about 45 minutes on 100ml of denatured alcohol.

Portable Alcohol Stove
One of the riskiest parts of portable stoves is the stability, no need to worry here as the structured base with wind screen keep the stove stable and can even support pots and pans.

Portable Alcohol Stove

  • Mini ultra-light camping stove
  • Net weight: 130g/4.59oz
  • Base dimensions: 3.86 x 3.86 x 2.29 inches.

Portable Alcohol Stove

8. Lixada 3000W Camping Gas Stove Cooking Portable Foldable Split Burner Outdoor Hiking – $13.99

Camping Gas Stove

Another ideal portable stove for for backpackers, campers, hikers, hunter, geologists, and anybody that is on a budget. The stove body is divided from gas cartridge adding another point on the safety scale.

The piezoelectric ceramic ignition, ensures for easy fire ignition and the strong bracket ensures stable support.

Camping Gas Stove

  • Brand: LIXADA
  • Material: Stainless steel, copper, aluminum
  • Power: 3000W

Camping Gas Stove

  • Gas consumption: 50-100 g/h
  • Unfolded size: Approx. 17 * 7cm / 6.7 * 2.8in (D * H)
  • Stove weight: Approx. 238g / 8.4oz

Camping Gas Stove

  • Plastic box size: Approx. 12 * 8.5 * 7.5cm / 4.7 * 3.3 * 3.0in
  • Total weight: Approx. 290g / 10.2oz
  • Note: Gas cartridge in NOT included here

Camping Gas Stove

Includes camping stove + plastic box!

Camping Gas Stove

Camping Gas Stove

9. Jetboil Zip Personal Cooking System – $79.95

Jetboil Zip Personal Cooking System

They Jetboil is one of my personal favorites, it’s sleek design makes for great outdoor photos, it’s lightweight and it boils water in 2 minutes! I’ve used the Jetboil on countless camping trips and my favorite extension for it is the french press, who doesn’t love some hot coffee on the trail?

The most delicious coffee ever that got us through @euphoriafest. Check out @wakeandbrewcoffee for a dank cup of joe. ☕️?

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  • The Jetboil Zip to provides hot food and drinks quickly and conveniently when you need them the most.
  • The Jetboil Zip is so compact and lightweight, you’ll keep it on hand for weekend hiking trips close to home and overnight adventures!

Jetboil Zip Cooking System

  • 0.8 Liter FluxRing® cooking cup with insulating cozy
  • Adjustable burner
  • Match ignition
  • Drink-through lid with pour spout and strainer
  • Bottom cover doubles as a measuring cup and bowl
  • Compatible with all Jetboil accessories
  • Able to store a 100g Jetpower fuel can
  • Fuel Canister Stabilizer included
  • Pot Support and Jetpower fuel sold separately

10. MSR PocketRocket 2 Stove – $44.95

MSR Pocket Rocket

The MSR PocketRocket 2 Stove is the best camping investment under $50 you can make. If you need to keep your pack weight to the at a minimum this MSR stove is the best option for portability and functionality.

The PocketRocket 2 Stove boils 1 liter of water in just 3.5 minutes + the enhanced design can accommodate a wider range of pot sizes.Camping Stove

  • Item Dimensions 4 x 4 x 8 inches
  • Item Display Weight 1.05 pounds

11. BioLite Wood Burning Campstove $129.95

BioLite Wood Burning Campstove

Another personal favorite, a friend of mine owns this one so I got to test it and it’s magnificent.

The BioLite Wood Burning CampStove combines the benefits of a lightweight backpacking stove and an off-grid power charger so you can cook a meal & charge your phone or usb powered lantern!
BioLite Wood Burning Campstove
The BioLite Wood Burning Campstove is the best solution for the backcountry campsite and your zombie apocalypse kit.
No Fuel to Buy or Carry: Say whatttt… No more money spent on fuel that you try to take on a plane and have to end up recycling.
BioLite stoves cook your meals with nothing but the twigs you collect on your journey or in your backyard, eliminating the need for heavy, expensive, polluting petroleum gas.
BioLite Wood Burning Campstove
The Biolite works by harnessing heat from the fuego into electricity, BioLite stoves will charge your phones, lights and other electronics while you cook!
BioLite Wood Burning Campstove
Better than solar energy; the BioLite CampStove is an on demand energy source.
Stay Green: Renewable energy resources > petroleum based energy sources.
BioLite Wood Burning Campstove
Be Prepared: The CampStove isn’t just for camping; it’s great to have when the power goes out in a storm or other natural disaster.
You’ll be able to cook and keep electronics charged while power lines are down. No need to worry about your local store being sold out of propane, the BioLite CampStove is designed to run on any biomass.
BioLite Wood Burning Campstove
Build Better Future For The World ? : BioLite is using the same technology inside the CampStove to bring clean, safe energy to families across the developing world.
Have Fun: Lounge around the CampStove and watch the flames dance as you roast marshmallows and tell stories with friends just like you would around a campfire. Burn Ban? No fire no problem.
How it Works: Using BioLite’s patented thermoelectric technology, the BioLite CampStove converts heat to electricity that powers a fan to make the fire ultra-efficient. Extra electricity can be used to charge small electronics like mobile phones and LED lights.

12. Solo Stove & Pot 900 Combo: Ultralight Wood Burning Backpacking Cook System – $104.98

Solo Stove Ultralight Wood Burning Backpacking Cooking SystemThe Solo Stove is the most popular wood-burning backpacking stove recommended by Backpacker Magazine and serious survivalists including Discovery Channel’s Matt Graham. Winner of 2014 Gear of the Year award from 50 Campfires & Section Hiker.Solo StoveThe patented Solo Stove design features a unique double wall that creates ultra-clean gasification and a secondary combustion. This allows fuel to burn more completely and with less smoke.Solo Stove Camping Pot ComboFuel is Free: No more spending money on white gas or expensive liquid canister fuel. Solo Stoves use twigs, leaves, pinecones and wood as fuel. Free up more space in your backpack and eliminate the need to carry heavy, polluting and expensive canister fuels.Ultralight Backpacking Stove

Lightweight & fast boil time: Boils water in 8-10 mins (34 fl oz water). 4.25″ Diameter, 3.8″/5.7” tall (packed/assembled).Solo Stove for BackpackingThe best part is that the Solo Stove weighs only 9 oz it’s made of premium stainless steel and nichrome wire & a nylon stuff sack is included. Solostove for backpacking
Space Saving & Travel Friendly Design: The compact Solo Stove design nests inside the companion Solo Stove Pot 900 (included) leaving you with more room in your backpack.

Solo Stove Pot 900 is:

  • 4.5” (height),
  • 4.7” (diameter).
  • Weight 7.8 oz.
  • Max volume 30oz.

Gear Of The Year Winner – Recommended By Backpacker Magazine for a reason. It’s been enjoyed as one of the best portable camping stoves for ages.
These are our picks for the best portable camping stoves we would never backpack without. What about you? Do you have a time tested stove you swear by? Share it with us in the comments below.

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